What is Ookbee Buffet

The Ookbee Buffet Application originates from the idea of Mr. Natavudh 'Moo' Pungcharoenpong, the CEO of Ookbee, to give our readers the best benefits out of their money with greater exposure to new books yet to explore. Similarly, this idea would also benefit book authors and publishers since the subscription fees would be fairly distributed, between all accessed items, proportionately to their access ratio.

Why choose Ookbee Buffet

Ookbee Buffet app: All-you-can-read. We have books, audiobooks, novels, and newspapers. There are over 30,000 titles for subscribers to select in that they can pick a package that best suits their preference which offers access to unlimited number of titles (depending on each package) within the given validity period by having free access up to 7 days.

How to use

Ookbee Buffet is easy to use. Just download the app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Then subscribe to your desired package. Now you can start reading books, audiobooks, magazines, novels and newspapers.

Why ookbee buffet ?

short note convenient


“Ookbee Buffet” makes reading possible anytime and anywhere. Simply download the Ookbee Buffet app to your tablets or smartphones, then you can always carry a large library with you.

short note complete


The only app where you can discover a great variety of books and magazines you like to read in a digital format.

short note money saving


Pay once, and you can get all the books and magazines to read.